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Our Decades of Healthcare Compliance Experience can support your corporate integrity and lead to high quality, safe patient care.

About Arbor Healthcare Experts:

For over 40 years, Arbor has been at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare landscape. Our experience in delivering therapy in skilled nursing, home health and outpatient settings as well as our history of consulting services position us as the industry leaders to help your skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation organization meet and exceed regulatory and compliance requirements. Our knowledge and proficiency brand us as the healthcare service experts, with a broad network of specialists to support your success. With CMS focusing on probes and audits, our objective, proactive approach ensures payment follows all guidelines.

Skilled Nursing Facility and Physical Rehabilitation Consulting Services

  • Medical case review
  • Expert analysis
  • Chart analysis
  • Reporting review
  • Audit services
  • Billing and coding review
  • Compliance audits and training
  • Medical necessity audits
  • Business structure and ownership analysis

Our aim is to be your one-stop shop for all your independent and objective expert healthcare review needs. We are well versed in regulatory and operational best practices, and we are subject matter experts in long-term care, home health or outpatient care. From preventative consulting services to general healthcare expert services, our team can provide it all.


Medicare Audit Services

As you may know, Medicare is renewing their focus on audits. Some of their auditing initiatives include Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT), Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) reviews and the Five Claim Probe and Educate Review just announced in May of 2023. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) notes that organizations that show preventative or proactive compliance efforts fare better when under review. To that end, our Medicare Compliance and Quality Assurance team is up-to-date on all aspects of a healthcare or business analysis to help your organization succeed during an audit.

  • Billing per local regulations and CMS
  • Appropriate utilization of billing codes
  • Clinical integrity
  • PDPM accuracy with supportive documentation
  • Nursing and therapy cohesiveness on MDS / OASIS
  • Systematic documentation review per CMS requirements
Medical Review

Medical Review Services

Long-term care and rehabilitation are our specialty! Our expert team will review medical charts, standards of care, therapies and overall utilization and provide a comprehensive analysis to meet your specific needs. Team members are experienced in writing objective expert reviews and analyses.

Our full medical review services include:

  • Chart review per related standards
  • Incident reporting
  • QA analysis
  • Treatment methodology and techniques
  • Scope of practice adherence
  • Health and safety issues
Healthcare Compliance Services

Healthcare Compliance Services

We keep your organization ahead of the curve with our attention to the OIG’s Work Plan! Arbor Healthcare Experts are ready to support you in meeting the seven components of an effective compliance program per the OIG. Our own impeccable record of integrity speaks to the effectiveness of our approach. The seven elements are:

  • Established standards of conduct, policies and procedures
  • A designated compliance officer/committee
  • Communication and education on standards
  • Internal monitoring and auditing to determine program effectiveness
  • Open communication lines for reporting concerns with a procedure to investigate
  • Enforced standards with well publicized disciplinary guidelines
  • Responsiveness to offenses and corrective action taken to prevent future violations

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Our 40-plus years of healthcare service ensures we are well prepared for auditing and supporting your organization's integrity. Put our experience, including specialization in long-term care rehabilitation, to work for you in handling Medicare, Managed Care and state licensure regulations! Let's discuss how we can work together to elevate your organization.